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Quick trip to Edmonton

A work assignment had me in Edmonton for the weekend.

Story by Neil Zeller March 11th, 2014

Muttart Conservatory

We tend to head out with no real direction. Sometimes google maps on the phone is our savior, but this time it was a simple sign on the road. 4 pyramids on the blue background, was the sign, but I was too far right to get over there. A (probably) illegal u-turn and we were making our way back to Muttart Conservatory. I had seen pics, and as always they never to the place justice. There was a photo workshop going, other than that it was quiet, warm-ish and very peaceful. The big melt had started earlier in the day, so it was a great time to shoot the 'pyramids' with the puddle reflections.

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Unrelated (but related) note: If you are interested in a unique photo workshop and are in or near Calgary, I am hosting a trip to Jasper Alberta, with a focus on shooting the amazing night sky! Details here!

untitled shoot-5817-2.jpg
untitled shoot-5814-2.jpg
untitled shoot-5755.jpg
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untitled shoot-5812-2.jpg
untitled shoot-5771.jpg
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untitled shoot-5776.jpg

low level bridge

I am a fan of bridges. you may or may not know that. I seek them, out, then seek unique shots of them. Low Level Bridge is an old iron workhorse just south and east of downtown. I spent only a few minutes here, but could have spent a day.

untitled shoot-5803_4_5-2.jpg
untitled shoot-5806_7_8-2.jpg

High level bridge

The difference is this one is very high as compared to the Low Level Bridge as it’s very low. it's true! This bridge has captured my imagination ever since I was a small boy. The structure is incredible, and wild, and strong and so many other things! After shooting it, we drove over it twice! And once was on purpose! Other visitors to Edmonton will understand. You just sort of end up on it. I didn’t have time to get a photo of the full span. that will have to wait until the next trip.

untitled shoot-4697.jpg
untitled shoot-4716-2.jpg
untitled shoot-4709-2.jpg
untitled shoot-4733.jpg
untitled shoot-4729.jpg

My work

One of my main sources of my living is I am shooting the interiors for hotels. These are a couple examples of what allows me to visit places like Edmonton among others.

untitled shoot-4063_4_5-2.jpg
untitled shoot-4366.jpg
untitled shoot-4183_4_5-2.jpg
untitled shoot-4511.jpg
untitled shoot-4453-2.jpg
untitled shoot-3957_8_9.jpg
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Edmonton, AB, Canada