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Canadian Ag Day 2017

My farming photos from around Alberta

Story by Neil Zeller February 16th, 2017

Meeting a farmer

After a few hour of hanging around and photographing a farmer, the conversations invariably goes like this:

Farmer: When I first saw you walking out into the field, I thought 'Now who the heck is this dipshit?'

Haha, yeah, I'm the dipshit. Not long after, they realize I am simply trying to photograph them in their best light. An let's face it, farming in all its forms is pretty spectacular. The people who farm are what do it for me. even though I am always nervous to meet new people by walking up to them with a camera, no farmer has ever told me to bugger off. Quite the opposite. On days where I am photographing them around mealtime I am always invited in to break bread. It's just the way it is. I am eternally grateful for my connections to agriculture through my photography. These are the photo projects that truly fill my soul with goodness.

untitled shoot-0210.jpg
ATB NorAb Seeding NZ-6372.jpg
ATB NorAb Seeding NZ-6420.jpg
ATB NorAb Seeding NZ-6829.jpg
ATB NorAb Seeding NZ-7240.jpg

Beautiful Farming

It's impossible to ignore how beautiful farming really is if you are a photographer. They kick up dust that other photoshoots can only dream of, they are out at all hours, so there is no coordinating of timing with the sunrise or sunsets, they are just there and as a photographer, it's up to you to make the most of the time. I have had to stop in small towns to hose out my engine bay of all the chaff and dust from chasing light at combines across fields. It's the least I can do to show the world how hard these families are working.

Harvest 14- NZ-0149909.jpg
Harvest 14- NZ-2-3.jpg
Harvest 14- NZ-0397.jpg
ATB NorAb Seeding NZ-0155.jpg
ATB NorAb Seeding NZ-8099.jpg

An economy that keeps up it's end of the bargain

Always. In good times and tough times, the families that grow our food are always out there producing for the rest of us. Thank you to everyone involved in agriculture!

Harvest 14- NZ-9850.jpg
Harvest 14- NZ-2-3.jpg
Harvest 14- NZ-9883.jpg
Harvest 14- NZ-0110230.jpg
ATB NorAb Seeding NZ-0051.jpg
ATB NorAb Seeding NZ-2875.jpg
ATB NorAb Seeding NZ-5.jpg
ATB NorAb Seeding NZ-0087.jpg
ATB NorAb Seeding NZ-7099.jpg
Alberta, Canada